Velvet technology sunscreen "second skin"

Hello girls!
We all know that it is very important to take care of the sun, so today I am going to talk about the Frezyderm sunscreen
But in addition to this cream I think it is very important to know and take some precautions.

How to start sunbathing with the frezyderm creams:

1. A solar exposure progressively, that is, the first few days and then we will increase it.
2. Dry well when we leave the pool/beach.
3. Drink water
4. Protect your head from the sun's rays
5. Use sunglasses that are good to avoid eye injuries.
6. Apply a good sunscreen before leaving home
7. Finally, use an adequate protection such as Body Photo Protection (velvet body 50+) .
cream frezyderm

Body photoprotection (velvet body 50+) of frezyderm;

It is a very high protection, resistant to water, with an innovative scientific formula for sun protection.

It also provides a mattifying effect, a high cosmetic sensation and protects us against stains. For all skin types.
sunscreen 50 velvet frezyderm

My opinion about the cream velvet de frezyderm;

At the beginning I was quite surprised that it was not the typical white cream.

It is in gel format with a very pleasant aroma (it does not smell like the typical solar cream), as you can see in the image is like transparent/yellow but once we put it on the skin it becomes completely transparent as if it were a second skin.

Its application is very easy It is not sticky or greasy, it is a photoprotector that the whole family can use and what I liked the most is that besides being well protected from I breathe my skin and it is resistant to water.

What is the price and where to buy it?

The price with shipping costs around 30 euros, is true that it is veneer but it is also true that you will not find any cream as comfortable as this because it seems that you do not have anything, I leave the link if you dare:

Have you tried the frezyderm sunscreen?