The new obsession of Victoria Beckham

Hello girls!

At this point I think I should already be used to the strange things beauty that celebrities do. I was surprised that some celebrities do not wear underwear in Why do not people wear panties? or with the famous treatment of Caca de Pajaro we do not know why I miss it .

Victoria Beckhan's new obsession

Victoria Beckahn's beauty trick:

But now Vicky Beckhan has taken another novelty if it works or not we do not know ... has a new obsession, bee pollen.

She revealed her secret via twitter . In her tweet she said that she is totally obsessed with bee pollen .

Some experts claim that bee pollen is one of the most nutritious natural foods, it also contains amino acids, complex B and folic acid.

I have not tried it to this day, because these celebrities do very strange things. And I say that if pollen from bees and bird poop works for them, why do they operate ?, honestly I think it is more publicity for the brands than the results, if so good everything turns out, it should be a beauty blog and tell us those secrets.

What do you think of the beauty trick of Victoria Beckhan ? Have you tried pollen?