How to choose a tattoo and not regret

Hello Beauties !
Never imagine that one of the most viewed posts of the blog was Tattoos for pretty and sexy girls , it's clear that tattoos like a lot either because of fashion or because we want to make one because of some personal but since it is something that you are going to have all the life , we must stop in mind some little things.
nice and sexy bow tattoo
I'm not going to be very bad ... but do not let yourself go by fads why the fashions as such happen fast.

How to choose a tattoo and not regret:

Now I want to put a phrase on my arm like the one that has X egoblogger because it's fashion, of course I would do it if I did not have the tribal of 5 years ago, the skulls of another 4 years ago or the letters and fairies of previous years.
I'm sorry but I am one of those who sees untribal and I think ... how bad are the fashions ... so today I bring you some tips to keep in mind to choose a tattoo so that later you do not want to tear your skin:
1 Choose calmly do not hurry. If you want us to take a look at pinterest, you'll find something that inspires you and you like it.
2. Choose a professional , not anyone to do tattoos. That then you see some things out there ... that seems to make you your worst enemy.
3. Choose the colors according to your skin type . Light skins are good for soft colors, while dark skins do good for bright, strong colors.
4. If you want to put a phrase in another language, be it Chinese, Japanese or ... make sure it is well written . You will not be the first case in which you putean and they put you what they want. If I veoprobably stayed the same as I was but if you see a Chinese and laugh ... imagine what it is.
5. Life takes a lot of turns to get the name of the groom is not a good idea. If you put it on your wrist you may end up with the bracelets to cover the names.
6. It depends on the lifestyle that you had better do it in one place or another. You already know that in many jobs do not want people with tattoos if it is your case choose a discreet site.
7. If you're not sure about getting a tattoo forever, you can choose Temporary Tattoos or you're more daring about lip tattoos.
And hear if it comes out Do not worry either, you're going to have to see ALL LIFE (only) but with these tips you can save yourself an upset.
And do you have a tattoo? Did you know how to choose a tattoo ? Kisses