Frezyderm, Velvet Face 30+

Hello girls!
Today again I want to tell you about a dermakosmetics product from the frezyderm range. strong>, this time it's about Velvet Face 30 + .
Besides Velvet Face 30+, you can also find Velvet face 50 and Velvet Face 50 + with color of which I have already spoken to you in the blog.
Frezyderm, Velvet Face 30+

What is sun cream vevet face 30?

It is a Frezyderm facial photoprotector that provides a mattifying effect and the sensation of high cosmetics.

Water resistant. Protection against stains. Softens wrinkles and prevents the signs of photo-aging. For all skin types.

Tested dermatologically. Without parabens.

Frezyderm, Velvet Face 30+

My opinion on the velvet face of frezyderm:

I like its non-greasy texture and it also does not stain. It is quickly absorbed by what allows you to use it quickly and continue with what you were doing. It remains a very soft and hydrated skin.

It usually happens to me that when using sun creams for example on the beach I almost get something because all the sand sticks to me, then I put it on my face and when I enter the water my eyes itch ... let's see that mine with normal sun creams is a circus.

The cream velvet face 30 is only used for the face , I put it on and I see that I do not notice the little black spots and that the skin is very smooth. When I enter the water my eyes do not sting and for the rest of the body I use>>> The sunscreen frezyderm for the body.
This has protection of 30 but also the we can find 50 and with color.

What is the price and where to buy the velvet face sunscreen?

Depending on where you buy it, the price can vary from 25 to 35 euros. I leave the Amazon link which is where I buy cheaper for about 25 euros with free shipping:

Have you tried Velvet Face 30+ of Frezyderm ?