Be as you are by the shape of your nails

Hello Beauty!
We all like to have cute nails, whether short or long nails, we all like to have them well. Good to all but the ones that try to break or we do not bite them but we can improve them with Tricks to have strong nails or like having whiter nails.
I know how you are by the shape of your nails
But you knew that the shape of your nails shows your personality, yes, keep reading ...

Personality according to the shapes of your nails:

The forms of nails Most common are: short nails, long nails, square nails, oval nails and pointed nails.
- Square nails , are practical people who use this form of nails because they need little work because you have to file less than others and because they are both modern.
- Oval nails , are classic people like this type of nails. But if you constantly work with the nails it is not recommended as they break easily.
- Nails with tip , are people with a lot of personality because they are associated with the style of vampires. This type of nails is very complicated to wear and they break easily.
- Short nails , are those people who choose comfort because these types of nails are very easy to care for .
- Long nails , are people who like to go perfect leaving comfort aside. This type of nails is very difficult to carry, because almost always you break some and in the end you end up cutting them all small.
And you that class of nails you have? Do you like the shape of your nails ?

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