Are you addicted to sugar?

Hello beauty !
Are you addicted to sugar?
Think about what you've eaten lately: candy, ice cream, chocolate, coffee, cola cao, cookies almost all soisadictas to sugar and I do not say it because it is guessed that it could also be ... with it well who earns a living Hope Grace ... I say it because I see your photos by instagram haha, that social network that chiva everything.
you are addicted to sugar
It is not bad to eat sweet, the bad thing is that the meals with sugar provide empty calories and no type of nutrient.
The sugar is everywhere even in the fruit but the sugar in the fruit will not create that need for another sugar cup immediately. The sugar is also in the lightno soft drinks, let yourself be deceived by the brands that do everything possible for us to consume.
But if you're still not sure if you're addicted to sugar, answer the following questions:
When are you depressed, are you craving sweets, pizzas ...?
In the afternoon, snacks, sweet things?
When you finish your snack/dinner, eat sweet (Ice cream, chocolate ...?
If you answered any of these questions, Yes, you are really addicted to sugar.

What to do to avoid eating sugar?

1. Eat sweet within 5 meals and never by snacking
2. Avoid artificial sweeteners, cause more need to ingest sugar.
3. Try replacing sweets with more healthy food like fruit.
4. In the case where you are unable to leave sweets, like cookies without sugar.
Does not mean you leave of eat r everything has sugar, but do it in moderation.
And you are you addicted to sugar ? Did you know these tricks to avoid eating sugar? Kisses