Are you a woman 110?

Hello beauties!
Do you want to travel to Paris?
Well I'll tell you in a moment, before I want to talk about female cosmetics brand Diadermine , the specialist brand in facial care of Henkel Iberian, takes 110 years next to millions of women, caring for and minimizing the needs of their skin and adapting their products to each era.
Now, coinciding with its anniversary, it has launched the range No. 110, a complete care of high efficiency with 11 anti-aging effects for women nowadays.
Throughout its history, Diadermine has established itself as a brand in constant innovation and has become a benchmark for facial treatment . All its products have been dermatologically tested and have prestigious certificates that support it:
ECARF: Diadermine is the first facial care cosmetic brand to receive the seal of quality ECARF, from the European Center of the Foundation for Research in Allergy, which ensures that all its products have been specially formulated to minimize allergy risks, and that they have a good compatibility even in very sensitive skins.
DERMOCERT: Exclusive seal of Diadermine, which guarantees that the product has been tested dermatologically even on sensitive skin, to evaluate and guarantee skin tolerance and tolerance.

My opinion on the diadermine moisturizing cleansing gel:

One of the products that I am using is Nº110 beauty gel , it is a cleanser that removes the remains of makeup from the face and eyes very quickly. It is enriched with 110 drops of moisturizing oil to maintain the hydration of our skin lastingly.
It is a non-greasy gel that leaves the skin soft and fresh.
beauty gel 110 diadermine

Diadermine anti-aging cream review:

It is a cream with a very light texture and easy application. Of which you will have more information on finished products when my mom finishes it, you already know that I can not use it for 0 wrinkles. (Tocare wood)

diadermine anti-aging cream
Do you know this brand of feminine cosmetics? diadermine ? Are you a woman 110 ?