The 20 best phrases to get tattooed

Hello girls!
Since I posted the post Tattoos for beautiful and sexy girls hellegado to the conclusion that many girls They look for phrases to get tattooed. Buenovale I have not come to the conclusion I blogged it with the statistics and with people write to get to my blog.

That is why today I bring you the best phrases to get tattooed .

I'm really only going to put 20 for you the post is not endless, but I like much more:

1. Life is beautiful (I think I've told you a thousand times that since I saw the movie, it's my favorite phrase, well, now I've told you 1000 times already)
2 It takes courage to grow and become who you really are. (You need
value to become what you really are)
3. Do not forget your story or your destiny
4. I will continue fighting with humility, ambition and respect
5. Semper ad meliora (Always the best things)

6. Stand facing the sun and the shadows will be behind you
7. I have an angel that protects me
8. Everyone sees what you look like, but few see what you really are.
9. The important thing is not to live much, but to live more.
10. Self-confidence is the first secret of success
11. It's hard to fall, but it's worse not to try to never upload
12. Live your dreams
13. Smile to life if she does not smile at you
14. Being by your side is dreaming
15. Rate what you have not what you lose
16. Only those who dare to dare succeed
17. When you abandon your dreams you will know that you have died
18. The most persevering perennial victory
19. You can get anywhere, whenever you get enough
20. I aspire to be the most successful version of myself

Some of these phrases you can find in wristbands in POSITIVE BRACELETS

What do you do these phrases look like they are tattooed ? Which ones do you like? Kisses