All about the Serum

Hello beauty!
Although most of the authors of beauty blogs know what a Serum is, for the questions that come to my email I deduce that most people do not know what is or does not know how to use it so today I bring this post to resolve all questions about the Serum .
What is the serum?
It is a cosmetic that is characterized by its rapid absorption and thanks to its ingredients reaches the deepest layers of the skin.
What is a serum for?
Most serums are anti-age for wrinkles or first lines of expression, but we can also find them to reaffirm , repair, illuminate the skin and anti-spots.
What should be the texture of a serum?
Its texture should not have oils to facilitate after the application of a moisturizer.
At what age should I use it?
We will use the serum from the age of 30 when we begin to see the first signs of aging. In some cases when we have excessively neglected our skin and the first wrinkles begin to appear, they can be used before, starting at age 25.
How to use it?
We will apply it twice a day, one is recommended in the morning and the other one at night before the moisturizer.
What is the price of the serum?
It depends on each product but one of the best on the market is the Serum repaskin mender liposomal with a price of around € 25 - € 30. Although I recommend you to try to find which is best suited to the needs of your skin.

It is a beauty product that I recommend to use, a few weeks you will begin to notice its good results.

And you use serum ?