6 Beauty mistakes that you'll end up laughing

Hello girls!
We've all made beauty mistakes and now when you look back you can not help laughing, acknowledge it. You may still have committed some of these beauty mistakes , or that you are committing them and you do not realize it. And today we will collect the best ones in this beauty blog.
homer simpsons shotgun makeup

7 Errors of beauty of which you will laugh:

1. Use the bronzer as if it were a basse, the first time I used a bronzer I was very smart I did not think of anything else to take a brush and give them all over my face. When I look at the mirror, I almost die of fright and the worst thing is that this beauty error happens to almost all of us.

2. Sleep without removing your makeup , yes there are times when you do not feel like doing it and I tell you that it gives me a lot of impetus to remove makeup but if the next morning you do not want to look like a bear, it is better to remove your makeup before leaving to sleep.
3. Going with the mascara and elrimmel is usually a great beauty mistake , that of painting a bit to look like you painted yourself with the Homer Simpson shotgun there is only one step.
4. Do not use a moisturizer before removing your makeup, it's a big mistake! Because before putting on makeup it is mandatory to hydrate the skin. In addition to this form our skin takes better makeup.
5. The perfume on the clothes , big mistake. The perfume is applied on the skin because it lasts more the smell and in addition to avoid the clothes.
6. Make up and use creams only on the face . The rest of the body also exists and of course if you do not ever forget your neck.
And these are the mistakes that I once (I admit many times) committed haha ​​and now confesses.

Did you commit? some beauty error that you laugh at now?