5 Tips to exfoliate the body

Hello girls!

The best thing to remove dead cells from our skin is to make a good exfoliation but for that you have to know that there are different types of exfoliants, so today I bring you some beauty tips to exfoliate the body :

exfoliating esdor
Face scrubs characterize by having a very small granule as you can see in mumcosmetic scrub while the exfoliants for the body have a larger granule as you can see Exfoliating the beauty factory in addition to this terecomiendo one of oriflame and that of the photo of a Here's what I'll show you in a few days.
To do a good exfoliation you have to take into account the following tips:
1. The first thing is to give us a bath , once the skin is moist it starts exfoliating the skin.
2. You have to do circular and smooth movements in an ascending way so in addition to removing dead skin cells we will also stimulate circulation.
3. Exfoliate once a week .
4. Once you have finished the exfoliation remove the remains with cold water and apply moisturizer.
5. For breasts and cleavage never use the same exfoliant that for the rest of the body as they can be very aggressive. For these areas it is best to use the same exfoliant as for the face that is less aggressive.

If you follow these beauty tricks to exfoliate the body you will have a nicer and brighter face. And in the body you will eliminate the dead skin and you will prevent the ingrown hairs from remaining on you.

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